The relations

The relations Also order.

Also stick.

The relations the adult the child are under construction on respect and equality.

But responsibility for the relations lies on adults.


Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

The PRACTICAL WORK How to help the child obstinate Take a writingbook and the handle.

Also make the list of the conflicts, whims and vrednost with which the child gets you.

Or others gets, and to you complain and complain after all such situation too not sugar.

Certainly, a little bit laziness, of course, would not be desirable.

But if any situation really gets you, it will not be corrected.

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Sixyear Nazyvaniye and recognition of the suppressed emotions gives to the child a great relief, pleasure, feeling of proximity with parents, consciousness of that you hear and understand.

Each of us can remember in the life minute when he suddenly felt that it understood.

This instant is not comparable with anything.

And at times we suddenly manage to find, what exactly the hidden feeling of the son and delivered us an array of problems for it did not keep within our suitcase of emotions.

Here one such example.

Sixyear Johnathan cries each time when becomes angry.

Johnathan resorts to grief expression, instead of anger because the anger is out of a rectangle of emotions of mother.

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In the winter

In the winterAfter all texts offered by us will be passed, it is possible to use any other, found or thought up by you, but not with the smaller.

and with a large number of syllables.

Dictation Snow thaws.

The wood turned yellow.

Sky gloomy.

The field became empty.

Read to me the fairy tale.

In the wood in the spring sing birds.

In the winter on the street it is cold.

Look in a window at children.

In the summer the sun heats very strongly.

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For this

For this The general attention reveals shyness therefore try in the person that your child as it is possible more often it appeared in the center of attention and felt thus surely and easy.

For this purpose it is necessary, that surrounding people attentively listened to it and watched its actions.

Applause and remarks bravo! after performance will even more encourage the child.

Observe, with what pleasure accept signs of general attention oneandahalfyearold children.

Teach the child to difficult art in the course of game, conversation, performance of any task, being completely absorbed events, to be able to find minute to estimate various aspects of process for example to be convinced, whether all take in it part, whether the help is necessary to someone, whether he conducts itselfhimself too busily.

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And from

And from One outstanding basketball player after each game was called by the father and chided it that it threw few balls in a basket of the opponent and in general everything did not how he taught it.

She is the big girl and does everything how it is spoken by her trainer who wants to see in it playin instead of the sniper.

And from these remarks of the father she only feels awkwardly.

Refrain from criticism, do not stint a praise.

Remember that after institute ahead still long life, and your child will surely want to maintain with you good, cordial relations, to visit you from time to time if you support to it, and not just to criticize.

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Such experience

Such experience The competition element in communication is very great, and the similar situation demands much bigger skills of communication, rather than it is possible to expect from the timid small child.

KINDERGARTEN FOR YOUR CHILDIn our opinion, without any doubts experience of communication with children in kindergarten is necessary for the child.

Such experience will promote development of sociability of the child since the earliest years.

A number of councils which you can add to the arsenal below is given, selecting kindergarten for the child if first of all you development of his skills of communication interests.

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With the designer

With the designerThe boy opens in drawing and in painting excellent means for expression the inventive genius before itself and before gy people.

with the designer wonderfully psychology of the child if only it could build, to change and begin anew on own .

For the child the toy has value not so much and its cost how many awakened by it passion to to creation.

Do not give it for Christmas weight bought favors of toys, but choose them intelligently such zy, toys can really execute ktsiya of assistance to development of the child, again having caused its interest.

Be not afraid to allow to play to children on opened spirit; as early as possible accustom them to a wind, a rain and cold.

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