And. And at such

And. And at such Therefore here it is necessary to be, besides, that to it oblige him give rise body.


And at such child the desire can develop to to spirituality, selfimprovement Instructors and parentsm Without any doubt is Wednesday defines.


From what age the teenager starts to be samostoyatelny, and we any more do not devote parents in its affairsm It occurs gradually.

If it nakho in our system some years, of course, absorb behavior rules also cannot far keep away from them any more.

I think that during the period from to years it is already created and follows on this way.

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Why They carry

Why They carryIdeomotornye processes movements and the actions arising at mental imagination of these movements and actions or in the presence of thought on them.

Though they also are not always appreciable and are found by only special devices, after all their role in life and activity is difficult for overestimating.

Why They carry out important function of a psychomotility prepare and adjust future movement, provide implementation and regulate process of its performance.

ENERGOPOTENTSIALEnergy and a condition of ability of the person to action intellectual or psychomotor on which their efficiency depends.

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Remember Do not disappoint him! Love the childhood be attentive to to its games and entertainments, to its lovely instinct Russo.

Remember that destiny of the child in your hands! We think that our grant will help you to support rebenka naturally day by day.

It will offer some information and ideas, and also will convince of what you do an important issue.

Write down everything that you liked to do together with rebenok, and also your achievements and difficulties.

It will help to analyse and understand the arisen problems.

Education long process which cannot give immediate results.

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The happiness

The happiness They learn to prove to be in the best light and appreciate that they are offered by people around more.

The happiness of not timid person also consists in it.

He receives a sheer pleasure from human communication.

So, shyness can affect essentially very much quality of training at institute because timid students receive experience absolutely other sort, rather than not timid.

Shyness deprives of the student not only friendship, but also experience which can be taken out from communication with other people in various situations.

Besides, institute friends can promote subsequently your career, using the communications, situation, or simply council.

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He simply which

He simply which There is also a pseudolie of a consequence of unrestrained work of imagination which harms the person.

The child states somethin at all without assuming someone to deceive and firmly believing that indeed actually.

He simply which that exaggerates in stories, in etiquette formulas.

Here it is necessary to understand correctly the reasons and motives which pushed imagination to exaggeration and brought the evil to the person.

To understand that for imagination does not exist neither time borders, nor space borders, the unknown it is omnipotent and operates within infinity.

Blackmail in the form of caution protective.

It is used and when the child appears in the difficult situation, created to it the adult person.

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But also it could

But also it could Once I tried, but when I again pricked, one prick crossed out all my diligence because only during that moment I all understood, I knew.

But also it could not be expressed and describe clearly, and only hinted at this major feeling.

I knew that means to be at happiness top.

I knew that feel, having pumped up by drugs.

Not for the first time I forced itself to refuse a habit, and it was most harmful of against what I had to fight.

And I refused it, oh, damn, only at own will.

But all the same returned to drugs.

After that this girl worried, it is impossible to call it weakwilled, and she worried much refusal of drug even without transition to softer, such as a methadone; thus it was not in prison or hospital where drugs are simply inaccessible and, therefore, do not create temptation to start over again.

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