When it appeared

When it appeared It was inspired, keen on the occupations and is proud of successes.

When it appeared in a framework which allowed to achieve small success in various areas, life returned to it in all the paints.

The borders established before by parents from the most good motives, smothered the boy.

Now parents support it, instead of dominate over it.

It seems to me, as from a breast at me removed the dvadtsatikilogrammovy weight he speaks.

Borders of legal behavior are similar to a wattle fence round a pasture periodically them it is necessary to repair, close up holes, to strengthen and expand.

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TELEGRAMHawleyPurposesThis Explain to participants that quality of drawings notso important, the imagination and ability to embody idea are welcomedat images.

TELEGRAMHawleyPurposesThis exercise helps you, besides the informalfeedback when the pupil during occupation nods orswings the head, smiles, shows surprise or doesshort remarks to receive and formal feedbackhow pupils treat the contents and a form provedeniye of occupations.

That pupils frankly with you sotrudni, it is necessary to discuss them at the beginning of the following occupationmessages and to draw constructive conclusions.

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What the boor, at the bottom

What the boor, at the bottom'W not to force, and to carry away, entice, play.

What the boor, at the bottom of a plateau The children the people curious and to learn something brand new, they are ready on feats even on that all porridge to eat.

Get a little identical similar outwardly plates with different pictures at the bottom.

Well we will look, what there today will appear To awaken interest and to wake children's imagination there is no place more simply.

Eateat, to mother listen The kid in hands has not a simple spoon.

It is the submarine floats and falls by an ocean floor! And what there surprising world! Carrot, a beet and other so easily turn into caves and grottoes, octopuses and small fishes.

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Through what

Through what We, as it surprisingly, absolutely forgot the correct way of life.

Through what there passes the child out of a continuum, the child from our western society The western kid differs nothing from the wild colleague same hands, feet, head.

In spite of the fact that the last millennia we went some other way, million years of evolution therefore there was a modern person, are the general both for Indians , and for us.

Some thousands years for which leaving from a continuum led to civilization emergence, are unusually short in comparison with million years of evolution.

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It is required

It is requiredJO points a high level of development of ability an oglasoveiiya and managements of words.

points the average level .

points an insufficient level of development.

points low level.

g of a point and less very much to.

and level.

It is required .


Level of development of judgment of a situationTechnique of No.


Become the most attentive readerTask iIn this task you need to read attentively phrases and to answer my questions.

We will determine by your answers, how attentively you read.

The dog goes on kitchen.

She drinks all milk of a cat.

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The pedagogics

The pedagogicsThan to live in the future if suddenly in the past there is nothing to leanHow to design life if suddenly it becomes clear that the base for which are spent so many years and forces! no.

To be the child prodigy it is interesting because life for it is painted by emotions and feelings.

Because everythin for what it undertakes, created easily and simply.

Because it made life more highgrade and light for all with whom coexists.

But a vunderkindstvo the podstyogivaniye and race behind glory creates a hopelessness situation.

The pedagogics is powerless before a problem of the child prodigy.

She knows how to teach average children, how to tighten the underdeveloped.

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  • However if the child has all bases to be angry, but thus he does not dare to express the emotions, testing for them fault, serious problems with its health can begin.If the child cannot splash out freely the negative emotions outside, they will be directed in it and over time masochistic bents are transformed to the underestimated selfimage or even.The child should not swear, but he should be able to tell It irritates me or I am driven up the wall with that you always acquit my sister and at all do not listen till the end of my opinion.
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  • Actually any of us can get a habit to see good intentions behind words and affairs of the boy.Also can be, on a long course of life it even will follow our example, and then to us will be returned a hundredfold.After many years of infinite reproaches concerning any malost and a habit to meet resistance any persevering manifestation of care from our party, probably, will come day when he will hear kind behind those bitter and offensive words which we say.Whether we can, parents to receive a big award, than the gained warm contact to the son and his desire to touch in reply to our soul Part From a cradle to career Christopher Columbus's Age since the birth till seven years Children such remarkable way to become the person.
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