And to this

And to thisThe word jungle here that made me conceited.

Probably, it is possible to explain it one case which has occurred to me in the childhood.

It happened, when I was eight years old, and made upon me indelible impression.

And to this day I attach to this incident huge significance though that moment of an enlightenment opened only a truth gleam, and having left in a shadow its essence.

But that the most sad, this sparkle of truth did not advance me in understanding of its value in routine of an everyday life.

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Trying to get rid of this

Trying to get rid of this When the raged child take on hands, his body is still strained.

Trying to get rid of this unpleasant tension, he swings hands and feet, letting know the adult holding it that it should be shaken on a knee or to throw in air.

Milicent was surprised to a difference between a tone of a body of the Set and other children.

Her son was soft and weakened, other children were firm and staunch, as if sticks.

It is necessary for us to realize that if we address with children how it was done by our ancestors of one hundred and thousands years, our kids surely will be quiet, soft and undemanding.

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After a while

After a while And now include any music what is pleasant to you.

On dance under it with the child.

After a while switch off those music and at once sit down.

As option, after a stop music it is possible to stand and stand as statue.

You can about different music fast and slow, cheerful and grustny.

When the child will get used to game, allow him to switch on and off music.

Musical games help children to listen to music and to move under it; to hear a rhythm and to stop on a signal Stop; to react body movements to change of speed and on music structure; to supervise the movements; to concentrate attention; to enjoy joint game.

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To Ob the cheniye

To Ob the cheniyeAlready soon after the birth we start to study raspozna and to smile, suffice the person the rattle, to creep, goand to speak.

Our curiosity and our desires arethat sets us in motion and induces to enter incontact to an environment.

Certainly, we manage not all.

Sometimes we do to ourselvespainfully, sometimes we break something.

And it is natural, we zavithis from care of our parents, their love and recognition.

To Ob the cheniye goes best of all when our failures are accepted inattention, but are not punished.

When in dangerous situationswe receive the help, instead of alarm signals from parents,when our successes gain due recognition.

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And. In the field

And. In the fieldIrina, probably, you will begin as accompanying group girlsm I only from the very beginning want to warn, that in this area I have not enough experience.


In the field of education of girlsm Yes, in spite of the fact that at me is to two daughter and the son, their education passed by me, as I in that time it was very occupied with study and work.


You mean that at you a little practical experience in education of daughtersm And also taking into account that I am a man, at me in life there was no possibility to experience this subject and to like it.

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Sometimes teenagers

Sometimes teenagers anything unusual in, if during this period you will notice fast changes of mood, ny excesses.

At the teenager it develops the leniye that it ceases to be oneself; it not understands that occurs to it.

However it seldom with it will agree.

It does not become willingly mother from you reproaches or remarks, which only twirl it in belief that it do not understand.

Sometimes teenagers try to confirm the the born personality, it is clumsy and inappropriate going against conformism, traditions, judgment adults; seldom when at them happens personal and semolina opinion.

The proof to that is itconstancy to which they it is maximum ; therefore, if you approve somethin they immediately will catch the return.

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