It is useful, when

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It is useful, whenWant, that children obeyed you Then from the small years convince them that the father's or mother's order and the laniye should be carried out without the slightest delay.

When the kid does not obey, consider that in that not his fault, and his parents.

To the child who got a habit at the first team, even to the head will not come, that parents can disobey.

It is useful, when parents very much early the authority; in particular mother, which it is almost constantly connected with children.

It not let's forget the orders, will not allow, that children in the open opposed to them, not pitas that from their lips such not palatable sounded statements, it seems I Want, I Do not want or Is not present, is not present and once again not!, as told once one the twoyear kid, and his mother thus laughed.

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It is necessary

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It is necessary So within several years they will visit and hospital, and in other places.

It is necessary to think over, where and when it is possible with them to go, but in any case it is necessary to show everything.

I in a cart raising years visited both a mortuary, and in maternity chamber, where Examples of excursionsit was necessary to see a lot of things.

And I well remember, how is seen aching changed in me and my companions the relation to wives to tires.


Changed to the bestm Yes.

We began to respect those sufferings, which fall to a lot of women.

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If yoursthe

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If yourstheIt helps to see variety of the various valuablerepresentations within one group and, thus, osoz that own values are divided not by all.

Age of participants since years.

Duration about minutes.

InstructionI want to give the chance to think to you over important zhiznenny questions.

Thus you can designate theown position and at the same time to see that thinkabout it others.

I will set to you a number of questions.

If yoursthe answer to a question will be yes, raise a hand.

If no extend the hand compressed in a fist aside and specify bigfinger down.

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Tom Sawyer's Age from

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Tom Sawyer's Age from What to Do After You Turn Off the TV by Frances Moore Lappe.

Tom Sawyer's Age from eight to twelve I hear and I forget, I see and I remember lon I do and I understand.

Ancient Chinese proverb Problems of an age stage of development Between eight and twelve it is possible to designate years age of action.

According to the known scientist and psychologist Eric Ericson, these years pass in fight between diligence and inability.

The boy tries to be attentive, hardworkin diligent, diligent, but thus feels awkward, confused, useless, incapable anything to make properly.

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